The best shoes for pickleball players

How to choose the best pickleball shoes: 10 of the best shoes for pickleball in 2020

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Did you know that your choice of shoes could be holding you back on the pickleball court?

More importantly, wearing the wrong shoes for pickleball could be putting you at risk of injury. That means that, as well as being painful, wearing the wrong pickleball shoes could see you spending more time off the court than you’d like!

A good pair of pickleball shoes will protect not just your feet, but your entire body. Here’s what to look for and how to choose the best pickleball shoes for you.


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The best shoes for pickleball in 2020: At a glance

Just looking for the best pickleball shoes? We’ve laid them out in this easy to compare table.

For more information on any of the pickleball shoes below, keep scrolling to find out why we love them and who they’re best for.

What to look for in a pair of pickleball shoes

There isn’t one best pair of shoes for pickleball for everyone. The best shoes for pickleball will vary from player to player.

The best pickleball for you will depend on your feet, any existing health conditions and where you like to play pickleball. It also comes down to personal preference, too – you need to be comfortable, after all!

Unless you’re playing indoor pickleball, it’s best to avoid shoes designed for sports like basketball or volleyball. These shoes, while great for playing indoors, won’t give you the protection you need on an outdoor pickleball court.

pickleball ball bouncing

Instead, look for something closer to a tennis shoe. The best pickleball shoes are made of a firmer material and will last longer on the rough court terrain.

After extensive research and testing, we’ve picked out the best pickleball shoes on the market right now. We’ve divided the list into pickleball shoes for men and pickleball shoes for women. Within each category, you’ll also find the best pickleball shoes for different circumstances.

Between these options, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect pickleball shoes for you. If you’d like a second opinion, though, you can always ask other members in the Pink Pickleball Facebook group.

The best pickleball shoes for women

Whatever you’re looking for in your next pickleball shoe, we’ve picked out the best of the bunch. From supportive soles to all-round performance, these are the best women’s shoes for pickleball right now.

The all-round best shoes for pickleball (women’s): K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

Probably also the best looking pickleball shoe’s for women, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express tennis shoes are also the best all-round shoes.

Just as comfortable as they are stylish, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express sneakers offer all the support you need, no matter how often you play. They have a generous amount of tread as well as a roomy toe box, so even wider footed ladies will have no problem staying safe and comfortable.

Tough enough to handle any court, these are our favourite pickleball shoes for so many reasons. Most of all, though, they’re incredibly durable – even the most advanced pickleball players will be able to wear them for many months.

The best wide fit pickleball shoes for women: Adidas Barricade

Available in both a wide and an extra wide fit, the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes provide all the comfort you need on the court.

Not just a spacious fit, these tennis shoes are perfectly designed to handle the pickleball court. They have excellent grip, so you never need to worry about slipping. They also offer plenty of support as they wrap around the foot.

If you’re looking for an easy to break in, stylish looking pair of pickleball shoes that won’t feel tight, it’s hard to beat the Adidas Barricade. They also come with a removable insole, so you can get the perfect fit no matter what your size.

The best pickleball shoes for support (women’s): ASICS Gel-Game 7 Tennis Shoes

Thanks to their unique Forefoot GEL cushioning system, the ASICS Gel-Game 7 tennis shoes are one of the most supportive shoes you can wear to play pickleball.

Their one-of-a-kind technology and design attenuates any shock on impact, therefore putting less of a strain on your joints and bones. That means they’re perfect for any pickler who’s looking for a little extra support from their pickleball shoes.

The ASICS Gel-Game 7 sneakers are also some of the best pickleball shoes for anyone who suffers from Athlete’s Foot. They come with in-built moisture management to help your feet stay as dry as possible, no matter how much of a sweat you work up.

The best women’s pickleball shoes for high arches: 996 New Balance Court Shoes

If you struggle to find pickleball shoes that offer good support for high arches, you’ll love the 996 New Balance Court Shoes. Although they’re not designed for pickleball specifically, these shoes may as well have been.

As well as providing great support for high arches, the 996 New Balance Court Shoes have all the padding you need. With extra mid-sole cushioning and a cushioned heel, these sneakers will keep keep your comfy no matter how intense the game gets.

The best women’s shoes for indoor pickleball courts: Mizuno Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Momentum sneakers were designed for fast-paced court games, and they can handle even the most intense pickleball volley.

Built with a no-sew upper, these indoor court shoes are as light as they come. That doesn’t mean they compromise on support, though. The Mizuno Wave cleverly disperses energy from impact to a broader area, providing maximum stability no matter what happens on the court.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum court shoes are on the narrower side, so might not be the best option for picklers with wide feet. Otherwise, though, they’re hard to beat for indoor pickleball games.

The best pickleball shoes for men

Whatever your concerns are on the court, you’re sure to find a pair of pickleball shoes below. We’ve pulled out the best pickleball shoes for every common concern, from wide soles and high arches to indoor pickleball players.

The all-round best shoes for pickleball (men’s): Adidas GameCourt

Designed to handle even the most unkempt courts, the Adidas GameCourt could have been designed for pickleball players. With a wide toe box and supportive soles, the GameCourt will ensure you have all the protection you need. It responds easily to both movement and shock, meaning you never need to worry about injury.

No matter what your pickleball level, the Adidas GameCourt shoes are a brilliant pair of pickleball shoes. Their lightweight material allows you to move around freely without compromising on safety and support.

What’s more, you won’t need to replace them after just a few wears. The Adidas GameCourt is a durable pair of pickleball shoes that will see you through game after game. Able to handle even the roughest outdoor courts, the Adidas GameCourt will see you through even the most intense tournaments.

They also happen to be a stylish pair of shoes that you won’t mind rocking up to the court in. And, I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel more confident in my game when I know I’m looking my best! The hardest part will be taking these shoes off at the end of the game.

The best wide fit pickleball shoes for men: New Balance 608

Finding a wide fit that fits comfortably without needing breaking in is rare. But the New Balance 608 will be a complete game-changer for avid pickleball players with wider feet.

These flexible sneakers come in a range of sizes, including standard, wide and extra wide. That means you can choose the amount of width you need. Whether you have a wide sole or suffer from occasional swelling, the New Balance 608 will give you all the support you need without making your feet feel squished in.

An enhanced ABZORB heel pad provides additional comfort. With premium cushioning and flexible soles, you can be sure your feet will be looked after through every game.

The best pickleball shoes for support: K-Swiss Hypercourt Express

If you’re looking for a pair of pickleball shoes that will let your feet breathe while providing maximum support, look no further than these. The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express shoes may feel slightly clunkier than others on this list, but you’ll never feel unsupported.

If you need a little extra support, they also have removable insoles. That means you can get a fit – and support – that’s perfect for your needs. With a wider than average toe box, you won’t need to worry about width either.

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express aren’t the most durable of pickleball shoes but, for the price, they’re hard to beat when it comes to supporting your joints.

The best men’s pickleball shoes for high arches: ASICS Gel-Resolution 8

If you need a little extra arch support, the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 will be a breath of fresh air for your feet.

These court-ready sneakers now come with in-built stabilization technology. That’s great news for high arches that need a little extra support and sensitive joints. This responsive technology helps you focus on performance without worrying about injury during lateral movements.

High arches will also benefit from the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8′s GEL technology. By providing additional support in the mid foot and heel, the impact of shocks and stop-start movement is minimised, no matter how hard the court is.

The best men’s shoes for indoor pickleball courts:

Indoor pickleball courts pose completely different challenges to outdoor ones, so you’ll want to make sure your shoes are suitable. The HEAD Sonic 2000 MID sneakers have been designed to handle hard indoor courts.

They offer fantastic grip on wooden pickleball courts, meaning you never need to worry about slipping and sliding. They can handle even the most enthusiastic pickleball player, providing optimum support when you need it most.

As well as being a great, supportive pickleball shoe, the HEAD Sonic 2000 MID is also a stylish piece of footwear. Add a cool pickleball t-shirt and you’re sure to stand out on the court!

Now you have your pickleball shoes, why not check out our Pickleball store for some great pickleball t-shirts, bags and hats to wear with them?

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