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What is the best pickleball paddle?

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Choosing the best Pickleball paddle for you can make a huge difference in the quality of your game. Pickleball paddles have come a long way since the sport’s humble beginnings.

When choosing a paddle, you must consider what will work best for your style of play. To make your life easier, we’ve researched the best Pickleball paddles.

The top rated pickleball paddles: at a glance

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know the top-rated Pickleball paddles, we have them in the table below.

How to choose a Pickleball paddle

These are the factors to consider when buying a paddle.

  • Weight
  • Grip size
  • Paddle material
  • Price


Different paddles will work best for different individuals. However, most advanced Pickleball players agree that the weight of the paddle should be the top priority. Lightweight paddles start at 6 ounces, while heavier paddles weigh in at 14 ounces. Find more about dimensions and specifications here.

The weight will determine the type of movements you can make on the court. Lighter paddles are better for ball control and cause less stress on your elbow or shoulder. Players with arthritis should choose lighter paddles. However, lighter paddles do make it harder for players to hit long hard shots.

The benefits of heavy paddles are they provide more power, making it easier to hit the ball hard across the court. However, they can cause stress on injuries and require a higher level of fitness to use.

Pickleball paddle and ball on court

To choose the right pickleball paddle, try to think about what kind of player you are. If your ball control and dinking need improvement, then choose a lighter paddle. An advanced player who wants to increase their power should choose a heavy paddle.

If you’re a beginner and are not sure on your style of play just yet, try picking a midrange paddle. Test out other people’s paddles when you get the opportunity. It is not easy to establish your style until you have a few matches under your belt.

Grip size

Pickleball paddle grip sizes are usually between 4-4 1/2 inches in circumference. It may sound obvious but please make sure your paddle is the correct size to fit in your hand.

The sizes are broken down in by 1/8s. If your paddle has a grip size that is too big, the paddle could slip in your hand and lead to injuries.

Smaller grips result in more control, wrist action which means it easier to put a spin on the ball and achieve stronger serves. A larger grip will be easier on your arm. It is so vital to find the right grip for you! Try out a few to make sure and when stuck between two options, always choose the smallest.

Pickleball paddle

The most common grip sizes are 4 , 4 1/8, 4 1/4 and 4 1/2 inch. To find your grip size, your height is a good indicator.

If you are 5, 2 or under, go for 4-inch grip size. Anyone 5,3-8 should look at 4 1/8-4 1/4. Whereas, anyone 5,9 or taller should choose a 4 1/2 inch grip size. You can also measure your grip size by using a ruler from the top of your ring finger to the middle of your palm.

Paddle material and price

We would advise that players avoid wood paddles if possible, although this what the original paddles were made of and they come at a low cost, they can be heavy for beginners. Composite or graphite pickleball paddles are durable and reasonably priced.

Remember that the most expensive paddle does not always mean the best one. Ensure your paddle reflects you as an individual, as well as remaining within your budget.

Most popular pickleball paddle brands

We have picked out some of our favorite pickleball paddles from some of the most popular Pickleball brands.


Our favorite niupipo pickleball paddle: Lightweight 8oz Graphite

  • USPA approved
  • Graphite
  • Honeycomb Composite Core
  • Ultra cushion 4.5 in grip
  • Lightweight paddle

This paddle is used by thousands of players worldwide. It has a great grip that feels good in the hand and can sustain regular use. The honeycomb design cushions each hit, while the light weight makes it easy to swing.


The NewFit Blur pickleball paddle provides power and control.

  • USAPA approved
  • Graphite face
  • Polymer core
  • Lightweight paddle

This paddle is built to last, as it is made of composite carbon fiber and polymer honeycomb core. The graphite face reacts well to the ball, giving you the power and control you need to perform at your best. Named “Blur” this is one of the fastest pickleball paddles on the market.


The Rally Graphite Power 5.0 is the perfect pickleball paddle to improve your game.

  • Graphite/Polymer Hybrid Composite Face
  • Larger paddle face
  • Two grip options
  • Middle weight

If you want to improve your performance, this is the pickleball paddle to take you to the next level. The larger paddle face helps to improve ball control and enhances spin.

GAMMA sports

GAMMA makes a variety of pickleball paddles. We recommend: Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

  • Graphite face
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Sensa poly core
  • Middleweight

This middleweight paddle enhances each hit and is very comfortable in your hand. Built for premium play, this pickleball paddle provides the perfect combination of power and control.


Selkirk pickleball paddles are USPA tested and approved, we love: Selkirk Amped

  • Larger sweet spot design
  • FiberFlex fiberglass face design
  • Premium materials
  • Used by sponsored professionals

Selkirk paddles are used by over 200 sponsored pickleball athletes and ranked players. The AMPED series uses pioneering new technology to provide a range of performance benefits. These include an extended reach range and increased ball control.

What makes the perfect pickleball paddle for you? Do you use a lightweight or heavy paddle? Let us know in the comments or head over to our free Facebook group for even more pickleball discussion.

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