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Pickleball Camps For Adults: The Best Pickleball Training Camps

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Whether you are looking to improve your game or simply meet other picklers, attending a Pickleball camp is a great idea.

There are training camps and clinics all across the country to suit every ability.

We’ve detailed the best choices to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced players for a full Pickleball immersion experience.

Best Pickleball camps for beginners (2 -2.9)


LevelUP Pickleball camps

These camps have been created by the producers of Pickleball magazine ‘Paddles and more’. One of the largest pickleball camp organizations, these programs get consistently high ratings.

Train with the best instructors and touring professionals and learn in an intimate environment that guarantees time with the coaches. Camps last five hours a day for two days.

Students also enjoy evening activities such as dinner and post-game video analysis. As a good paddle can make a huge difference in your play, LevelUP partners with major paddle manufacturers to provide equipment for students.

These camps are available for all levels, even beginners as the second day will build on skills learned on the first.

These pickleball camps take place all over the country, here are some taking place this summer including Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 

Engage camps

Engage call themselves “the premier pickleball experience and training”.They have a long list of Pickleball pros working as instructors including Marcin Rozpedski (US Open PRO Men’s Gold Medalist and USAPA Nationals PRO Gold Medalist).

Camps and clinics are open to players of all skill levels. You will always be placed in a small group with others of a similar ability. Personal attention, along with video analysis and written feedback you can take home, ensure you will improve your game.

These clinics focus on pickleball strategies, ball placement and how to make your opponent make a mistake.

Camps take place all over the US, including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Find your state here.

If your local area is missing, contact Engage as they are open to organizing custom clinics.

Bobby Riggs Pickleball and Tennis Center

Based in California, this pickleball program is divided by skill level and has a strong sense of community. It is run by Steve Dawson who is the 2 Time US OPEN Pickleball Champion, 2 Time Canadian National Pickleball Champion, and Huntsman World Pickleball Champion.

There is a strong focus on small instructional groups and daily progressions. Beginners should try their intro to Pickleball clinics and continue by step as their game improves.

Pickleball training camps for intermediate players (3-3.5)


LevelUP Pickleball camps

Level UP also has camps for intermediate players, these 3-day camps include 15 hours of instruction. Pickleball camps taking place this summer include Colorado, New York, and California.

Rally camps

Rally camps are lead by Rob Davidson, who is one of the top recognized players and instructors in Pickleball. He was also one of the first instructors certified by the IPTPA.
These camps take place in Utah and are made up of court activity, fun drills/ games, and court practice.

Perfect for intermediate players looking to take their skills to the next level, there will be four hours of instruction and play per day.

Players will learn to maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses and improve partner communication. Camps are held in the afternoons and there is an optional happy hour with the pros afterward.

Rally also host destination camps for Pickleball players with a certified USAPA rating of 3.5 or above, several times a year. These camps are for those who are looking to enjoy a beautiful area, as well as playing this wonderful sport.

Boost Pickleball camps

Boost camps are for intermediate players. They claim what makes them unique is their commitment to making learning the sport fun.

Camps are taught by experienced instructors who have all competed at a high level. The camps are designed with players rated 3.0 and above in mind.

While the drills may be fun, they translate directly into competitive play, to make you more formidable on the court. Clinics will focus on mechanics and shot techniques to ensure beating your opponent becomes light work.

Over three days, you will spend 12 hours focusing on Pickleball skills and attendees can expect a low instructor to studio ratios of 8 to 1.

These camps are going on in locations all over the USA, from Seattle to Hawaii, find your closest one here.

Camps for advanced Pickleball players (4.0 4.9)

Engage Pickleball camps

If you’ve been playing Pickleball for a while and are confident on the court then attending an advanced Engage camp can be the perfect way to take your skills to the next level.

You will play against those with a 4.0+ skill rating, including the Pro-level instructors. Rather than basic play students will focus on strategies to make their opponents slip up.

Spread across two days, there will be over 12 hours of instruction.

LevelUP Pickleball training camps

Play against players with a similar skill set, with the advanced version of these popular camps. Other highlights include custom paddle fitting demo, video analysis, unlimited court use, camp notes, and drill sheets.

The head pro at these camps is none other than the world’s number 1 player; Tyson McGuffin, so you can really learn from the best.

Have we missed any great camps? Or maybe you run your own Pickleball training camp that is worth a mention? Please let us know in the comments.

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